Jessica Kiil Music


This CD is dedicated to my sons, Sebastian my gold, my silver boy Samson and my Diamond Salomon. To my families Mushoso, Bisimwa, Kiil, Gunnestad, Waldows and Mørch, thanks for never giving up on me.

I extend my gratitude to all of you my friends for your positive energy. Also to the musicians, the producers and the supporters I say Thank you. And especially to you Fundji Daniel for your wonderful support. I will not forget all those who support for helping us make a better life for the children. May the positive energy from the Universe stay with us forever… Ine love. Remember music brings us together. Always sing, dance, care and smile.

Love from your little miss trouble, Jessica Nzigire Mushosi Kiil, AKA Mama Africa.

  • 01


    Jessica Kiil

  • 02


    feat. Bill Clinton Kalonji Jessica Kiil, Bill Clinton Kalonji

  • 03

    Ndambu Ya Respect

    Jessica Kiil

  • 04

    Natelemi Makasi Pe Na Nguya

    feat. KaSimba Jessica Kiil, KaSimba

  • 05


    Jessica Kiil

  • 06

    Bulangalire Pierrot

    Jessica Kiil

  • 07

    Baba Mudekereza

    Jessica Kiil

  • 08

    Kubula Ye Ngweshe

    Jessica Kiil

  • 09

    Negativa Energica

    feat. DJ Delambert Jessica Kiil, DJ Delambert